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A birthday

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A wedding

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A severance

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Editing a book

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Money pot


Launch a fundraiser for free donations

Ideal for pots, birthdays, humanitarian causes.



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Best for Entrepreneurs, Writers, Crafters, NFTS.

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Create and personalize your fundraiser

Appropriate support

Self-service resources, personalized or strategic support, tailor-made services... Our unique expertise as a crowdfunding pioneer will lead you to success.

Unique crowdfunding service

A unique service in the world

Vital dApp is the only platform across all blockchains to offer crowdfunding services secured by smart contract.

Customize your crowdfunding project

Advanced features to engage your community

Customization of your project page in your brand colors, interaction tools with your community, multiple options for your rewards and pre-orders.

Trusted by creators worldwide

Because crowdfunding and transparency are words that go very well together, discover the statistics of Vital dApp

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