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Fall safe & Stand Stronger - I Need your help make it happen.

Are you ready to be a part of a revolutionary concept that empowers the elderly ...


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À propos du projet

Are you ready to be a part of a revolutionary concept that empowers the elderly to fall safely and stand stronger?

 Help us provide life-changing workshops that address the most neglected health problem in the elderly population - falls and fear of falling. 

With up to 85% of elderly people living at home experiencing this fear, it's time to take action. Your support will provide urgently needed mats that facilitate these empowering workshops, ensuring that our elderly population can live independently, maintain a higher level of functioning, and prevent disease.

This unique method aims to tackle fallprevention in a holistic way, focussing on ressources rather than limitations. 

 Join us in making a positive impact on society by supporting this critical cause. Together, we can prevent falls and empower our elderly population.

À quoi servira le financement

20 sqare meters of mats, 4 cm in depth. 

The mats are used to make a safe enviroment.

A enviroment where people/participants feel both encouraged and motivated to learn to fall safely. 

Mats can also come with your / your projects logo.

Qui porte le projet

I am Mathias Krabholm, have developed this unique method from Denmark. 

Ive seen how the community have been helpfull in helping where there is a real need for it, and thought i would bet on you and the ommunity -  as I financially dont have enough to cover the expenses of mats.

Any help is appurchiated!

Twitteraccount: MathiasReinhar7


adress : erd1g5924x90fap75qsavxkjkxz60v6j9mgyjm8rn69pragfej7kj9psqzppe5

My vison in doing these empowering and fallpreventive workshops - is that it will lead to the fulfillment of the wishes and hopes of seniors to live a life with a greater degree of independence, healthy relationships, and a higher level of activity.

In the long term, I hope that these changes can directly help prevent disease, improve, and maintain an individual's level of functioning, ensure longer lifespans, and provide more good years of life for those that attend my workshops.

I will take some photos once the new mats have arrived. 

Let me know if there are any questions.

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