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I am Evangelion Chai from Borneo and I am currently not working in past 3 years....


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À propos du projet

I am Evangelion Chai from Borneo and I am currently not working in past 3 years. Not that I am incapable of doing work but I have 3 years kid in my care. I also have idea of deciding to get business from home as artist. Nevertheless I keen to be a artist but lack in financial support due pandemic really drawn myself back behind. I tried to get business but things weren't going well as customers habits change. 

So I figured out if I could do globally, probably not because of I want to be famous but I rather think about family as primary. 

Here fundraising is create a new life start business at home. Including purchasing materials for office, equipments like xp pen and so on. I honestly tell you all that I may not have experience but my passion is not to get family starve. 

À quoi servira le financement

Purchase materials from wood to cable wiring. Need to purchase digital drawing tablet with screen too. S. And family expense. Once I have all it, rest assured that I will be able surprise you all with proof of signature.

Qui porte le projet

I am artist with passion and skills. I hope you all could contribute so I can start soon. Thanks again in advance and appreciate it. If you need any further information please contact me here. 

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