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A solidarity project

Help me fund my own Purple Film Studio to create Netflix Series

😈Purple Netflix Series 😈 😈PURPLE NFT & Comix😈 😈PURPLE COLLABORATIONS😈 ...


1%on a goal of $20,000


About the project

😈Purple Netflix Series 😈

😈PURPLE NFT & Comix😈



For a long time having my Film studio and work towards my vision was my dream. Yet I was always in fear WHAT IF something fails? But I can't run away anymore.

Even though this plan is adacious and I am scared AF to proceed, I am doing this!

My vision is to create a Film Studio and start colaborating with other Filmmakers, actors, DPs, creators to create something amazing.

  • I want to start with a Youtube Channel to educate people aspiring to get better at their craft. 
  • I see a brand PURPLE that could create a Netflix Series with integrated PURPLE NFTs with many perks for the holders and believers of the brand,

the PURPLE comix, and so much more...

Basically everything I was interested in as a child, but neglected it from my experience, because I was supposed to GROW UP and find a "normal job"

YES, the plan is BIG and will take time

You can check out the start here: PURPLE STUDIO 

If you feel like you believe in me and want to support me any way possible, feel free to help me out. It will be so much appreciated 💜



What will the funding be used for

To create my own Film Studio

- I need to find a place and cover the costs

- I need to hire actors for the first Purple Studio Project

- I need to buy additional equipment to Purple Studio

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