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Metaverse Art Gallery

Metaverse Art Gallery would be a virtual art gallery where artists could exhibit...


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About the project

Metaverse Art Gallery would be a virtual art gallery where artists could exhibit their works in an immersive online environment. The gallery would be built in a virtual world like Decentraland, Somnium Space,

Cryptovoxels or any other world of your choice. Visitors could interact with the works by viewing them in 3D, zooming them, turning them, listening to audio comments or reading written information about the artists and their works.

What will the funding be used for

Offer a platform for artists to present their works in an innovative way in an immersive online environment.

Allow visitors to discover art in a stimulating and interactive virtual environment.

Give potential buyers the opportunity to buy works of art directly from the virtual gallery.

Create an active community around art in the metaverse.

Who carries the project

This project will be led by a team passionate about art, technology and metaverses, with skills in software development, design, marketing and communication in the creation and management of online art projects, as well as in the construction of virtual 3D environments, as well as a thorough knowledge of metaverses and their potential.

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